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Civilian Reenacting on a Budget


by Luann Mason©1999



The cost of uniforms and equipment for a military reenactor can be quite staggering. By the time a family has paid for a full uniform, brogans, leathers, and rifle, there is often little discretionary income left over for

other family members who may wish to participate in reenactment events as civilians.

However, a little money, wisely spent, can still yield a top-notch civilian impression. If you're willing to learn to sew your own clothing, the cash outlay for a rank beginner's full civilian kit can be under $100. While this may not result in a "top of the line" civilian impression, it is still quite serviceable, and more than passably historically accurate.


This will make a petticoat (3 yards), a chemise (2.5 yards), a pair of drawers (2 yards), 2 or 3 collars (1/2 yard), and provide bodice lining for your first dress (2 yards)

Edited and reprinted with permission. This article originally ran in "Rally Cry", Newsletter of the 4th Virginia Infantry, Company F, September 1999 edition.

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